Submissions Areas

Dialogue and Interactive Systems: dialogue control models, context modeling for dialogue, corpora, tools and evaluation methods for developing dialogue systems, multimodal, embodied, and situated dialogue, social chatbots, open-domain dialogue systems, task-oriented dialog, dialog policy learning, state tracking, conversational understanding, response generation, pragmatic and/or semantic modelling for dialogue

Discourse and Pragmatics: coreference/anaphora resolution, mention detection, discourse parsing, metonymy recognition, discourse of argumentation, discourse in machine translation, text quality, behavioural insights from text, meaning beyond the sentence

Document Analysis: language modeling and topic modeling, document classification and clustering, text mining and applications, recommender systems; information retrieval: query understanding and analysis, retrieval and ranking models, cross-lingual retrieval.

Generation: sentence generation, surface realization, referring expression generation, content selection, data-to-text, concept-to-text, story generation, storytelling, evaluation and resources

Information Extraction and Text Mining: named entity recognition, named entity resolution, relation extraction, event extraction, open information extraction, knowledge base population, knowledge graph acquisition and alignment, entity linking, entity disambiguation, temporal/spatial relation recognition, keyphrase extraction, text mining for formal or informal text (e.g. news, scientific text or social media text), text mining for specific domains (e.g. biomedical, clinical, chemistry, finance), cross-lingual information extraction

Linguistic Theories, Cognitive Modeling, and Psycholinguistics: formal theories of phonology/lexicon/syntax/semantics/pragmatics, computational models for linguistics, linguistic typology, experimental methods, language processing, neurolinguistics, language acquisition and loss, mathematical linguistics

Machine Learning: theoretical/empirical contributions to machine learning models for NLP/CL, Bayesian models, neural network models, online learning, reinforcement learning, transfer learning, embedding methods, relational learning, symbolic learning methods

Machine Translation: neural machine translation, machine translation models, machine translation evaluation, machine translation applications, word/phrase alignment models, transliteration, speech translation, domain adaptation for machine translation, low-resource machine translation, interactive and computer-assisted machine translation, tools for translators, decipherment, automatic post-editing, multimodal translation

Multidisciplinary and Area Chair COI: any NLP/CL related topics that are not categorized into other areas, papers with area chair COI

Multilinguality: multilingual dictionaries/corpora, analysis of translated texts, multilingual applications

Phonology, Morphology and Word Segmentation: morphological analysis, word segmentation models, theoretical models for phonology/morphology/word formation, multilingual morphology

Question Answering: factoid/non-factoid question answering, open-domain question answering, question interpretation, answer type classification, answer extraction, answer sentence selection, reading comprehension, community QA, cross-lingual question answering

Resources and Evaluation: development of linguistic resources such as corpora/treebanks/lexica/ontologies, corpus annotation methods, evaluation methodologies for NLP tasks

Sentence-level Semantics: semantic parsing, semantic role labelling, natural language interfaces for databases, parsing into logical forms, AMR parsing, sentence/document embeddings, program synthesis
● Sentiment Analysis and Argument Mining: sentiment analysis, opinion mining, opinion representation, subjectivity analysis, argument analysis, argument evaluation, argumentation in discourse

Social Media: NLP in social media, NLP for noisy/informal text, event detection and social sensing, computational social science, trust evaluation and fake news, computational sociolinguistics, language and demographics, multilingual exchanges and code switching, sarcasm detection

Summarization: extractive summarization, abstractive summarization, evaluation methods for summarization, multi-document summarization, sentence simplification

Tagging, Chunking, Syntax and Parsing: part-of-speech tagging, shallow parsing, phrase chunking, phrase structure parsing, dependency parsing, deep parsing, semantic dependency parsing, grammar induction, formal grammar, string/tree/graph automata and transducers

Textual Inference and Other Areas of Semantics: recognizing textual entailment, semantic textual similarity, common-sense reasoning, story understanding, inference of implicit information, text-level semantic parsing/role labeling, metaphor analysis/generation

Vision, Robotics, Multimodal, Grounding and Speech: image/video captioning, multimodal QA, NLP for robotics, speech recognition, speech synthesis, language modeling for spoken language, instruction execution, language grounding, language and vision

Word-level Semantics: word sense disambiguation/induction, word/phrase embeddings, distributional similarity, lexical/phrasal entailment, paraphrasing, lexical knowledge acquisition, sense embeddings, sense tagging, lexical semantics, multiword expressions, selectional preferences

Applications: papers primarily about applications using NLP rather than advances in one of the above areas