Winners of ACL 2019 Best Paper Awards

We are excited to announce the winners of ACL 2019 Best Paper Awards!

The Best Demo Paper

OpenKiwi: An Open Source Framework for Quality Estimation
Fabio Kepler, Jonay Trenous, Marcos Treviso, Miguel Vera and André F. T. Martins

Outstanding Papers

Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction: A New Task to Emotion Analysis in Texts.
Rui Xia and Zixiang Ding

A Simple Theoretical Model of Importance for Summarization
Maxime Peyrard

Transferable Multi-Domain State Generator for Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems
Chien-Sheng Wu, Andrea Madotto, Ehsan Hosseini-Asl, Caiming Xiong, Richard Socher and Pascale Fung

We need to talk about standard splits
Kyle Gorman and Steven Bedrick

Zero-shot Word Sense Disambiguation using Sense Definition Embeddings
Sawan Kumar, Sharmistha Jat, Karan Saxena and Partha Talukdar

The Best Short Paper

Do you know that Florence is packed with visitors? Evaluating state-of-the-art models of speaker commitment.
Nanjiang Jiang and Marie-Catherine de Marneffe

The Best Long Paper

Bridging the Gap between Training and Inference for Neural Machine Translation.
Wen Zhang, Yang Feng, Fandong Meng, Di You and Qun Liu

We would like to thank the reviewers, area chairs and senior area chairs for initial nominations.

The best demo paper was selected by the ACL 2019 demo chairs Enrique Alfonseca and Marta R. Costa-jussà.

The main session best papers were selected by the following committee:

  • Lluís Màrquez
  • Anna Korhonen
  • David Traum
  • Raquel Fernandez
  • Dilek Hakkani-Tür
  • Ed Hovy
  • Mark Johnson
  • Lun-Wei Ku
  • Yuji Matsumoto
  • Kathy McKeown
  • Yusuke Miyao
  • Massimo Poesio
  • Matt Post
  • Lucia Specia
  • Aline Villavicencio
  • Koichiro Yoshino
  • Xiaodan Zhu

Our warm congratulations to all the winners!

Anna Korhonen & David Traum
ACL 2019 Program co-chairs